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Friday, June 8, 2007

8 Things!

Nissa posted an open invitation to be "tagged" for this meme. As I'm not above begging for links and such, I'm taking her up on that. Thanks, Nissa. Go by and check out her lovely blog!

So, here it is - 8 things you may not know about me...

1) When I was 2 I knocked both of my front teeth, not out, but UP into my gums. Remarkably, they did come back down perfectly straight and whole.

2) Despite the above occurance, I never needed braces. Secretly, I wanted braces.

3) During high school, I got my lifesaving certificate and worked as a lifeguard during summer break. I still have my whistle!

4) My college career started and ended as an Art History major; however, in between I changed my major 4 times.

5) After college, I worked in Washington, DC for 3 years. Within sight was: the FBI building, the National Archives, the Capitol Building, and the Mall with all the Smithsonian museums.

6) I turned down a chance to live in both London, England and New Zealand. I really regret that now.

8) One side of my family has ancestors who were in Jamestown. The other side has a deported mafiuso (small time, but "ratted out" some bigger guys).


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kerry.

I saw your comment on Juanita's blog. I did this meme awhile back and also mentioned my Jamestown I have to ask who your Jamestown ancestor was.