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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

K-12 Meme

Here's a fun meme from "A Gracious Home"

Apple Jacks or Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries
HA! I had "health nut" parents. I only got to eat these at friends' houses!

Band or Choir
Some band - a flag twirler, but then I got too "cool" for my boots. (Or thought I did)

Class Ring

Ducks or Battleships
Yea, I don't know. Neither? I did enjoy the game "Battleship", but that is about as close as it comes.

Earning Money
Lifeguarded for most of highschool

Favorite Teacher
A few - most of my elementary teachers were "favorites". In Jr High - I've no idea. In Sr. High - Mrs. Crommelin (English). She was one of the toughest teachers in school.

Go Back and Do Over
Maybe - I enjoyed high school. If I could do it knowing what I know now and avoid all the "emotional angst".

Home Economics
I flunked out in Jr. High - no kidding. I seriously think my teacher had an axe to grind with me. I was such a "goody two shoes" and tried so hard to get her approval. In Sr. High, I took Interior Design and loved that.

Indoor Recess
what? I guess that would be when we stayed in our class rooms and played games like "Seven Up" and "Four Corners".

Jacks or Jump Rope
Either - I guess I liked jacks better.

Kickball or Dodgeball

I'm sure I had some wonderful one in elementary - I don't remember it. I did buy most of my lunches 'cause mom was a teacher and didn't have time to make lunches. Same for Jr and Sr. - I always bought a lunch.

Number of School Districts
1, but it was large - around 6-8 high schools.

Orange or Apple

Playground Equipment

Quiz Team or Debate

Spent hanging upside down on the monkey bars, swinging on swings, making daisy chains, etc.

Spring Break
I lived at the beach, so we tended to go see family for spring break.

Team Sports

Unfulfilled Dream
Planned to do lots of world traveling and hoped to live for some extended time overseas. I've done some traveling (Sweden, Finland, Greece, Turkey, China) but have yet to live overseas.

My best friend in Jr and Sr high and I still keep up with each other. It helps that we were also roomies in college.

Walk or Bus
Bus only when I had to in Elementary, otherwise I rode with my mom, who taught at my elementary school. Jr. High -had to ride the bus. Sr. High - caught rides or drove myself.

X Country or Basketball
Had a boyfriend who was a basketball player.

Sr. year was really my favorite!

Who had time to sleep? There was too much sneaking out to do at night!