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Friday, June 1, 2007


Recently, some online friends and I were discussing how we, as Christians, honestly examine our lives in order to discern our spiritual health. There are the obvious "slips" where we make big mistakes from which we can either choose to repent or we can choose to continue in sin. But, how about the times that we, neglectfully, allow ourselves to become "backsliders"? How does this happen? Are their signposts or redflags which might indicate a digression?

Today, the HeadMistress at The Common Room published
Pilgrim's Digress in which she offers some insight to this question from A Pilgrim's Progress.


DebD said...

This is very timely for me! Because as Orthodox I am in a period of fasting it means that I am also in a period of self-reflection in preparation for confession. As a convert, this is THE single most difficult part of becoming Orthodox (for me at least). I need all the help I can get. Some days I feel completely blind to my own failings.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'd love to visit that new church in your area too. I'm bet they will have a Bazaar in the autumn - call and ask if they've set a date yet. The food will be fab--u--lous!