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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two reasons for this link

This article is an interesting look at how children are being named today in America. All I have to say about that is - a fool and his money are soon parted. I'll admit to having chosen some unusual names for my children, but they do have family history behind them...and I didn't pay someone else to choose them.

However, there is one paragraph that caught my attention. And this is it: "In Germany, the government still bans invented names and names that don't clearly designate a child's sex. Sweden and Denmark forbid names that officials think might subject a child to ridicule. Swedish authorities have rejected such names as Veranda, Ikea and Metallica."

Now, while I do think it would be nice to have a nation free of little "(fill in silly, over-used name)", can you believe there are countries that we think of as "Free" that exert this level of control over personal decisions?

Any comments on this lack of personal freedome? Any comments on baby name consultants? Any comments on baby names you wish we could ban in the US? :)


Anonymous said...

Freedom is becoming a lost art in many western 'free' nations including our own. Look at this mess with the Maryland School Board saying that their rights supercede a parents' rights when it comes to what the children learn. Also, we are forced in our country to do many things that are good for us, but that should be our decision as free adults. However, the government continually interferes with these decisions.

Abroad, such as this mess in Sweden, liberties disappear daily in the name of rights and justice. Slowly each nation is adaptinga socialist form of government where government knows best and does what is 'best'. We must protect our liberties at all costs and cannot continue to remain silent. What we fail to fight today our children inherit the results tomorrow.