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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Peter Piper's Picks - June 15th

The weather is turning hot - time to start planning for next school year, BUT WAIT! Before you do that shouldn't you get last year's school organized, filed, and put away? According to Dianne, you should; and she is going to help you get started.

So, once you are done planning for next year you need some fun summer stuff to do, right? Here's a great list of 20 Frugal or Free things to do this summer.

It is summer and it is HOT. Do you ever wonder if going to church on a HOT summer day is worth all the trouble?'s what one pastor has to say about it.

In case you've not heard - Spunky's back!

Modern-day Barbarians or worse?

Thomas Edison has something to say about blogging.

This is going to be my "print out and dig into" article for this week: The Sadness of Higher Education (HT: Sarah Hey at StandFirm)


story girl said...

Thanks for the link! I'm adding your blog to my feedreader!