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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Peter Piper's Picks: June 21st

A useful and interesting article from Slate: How we read online. There are some great tips for bloggers (and other online publishers) for making your articles more easily readable.

The 100 Things Challenge has been sending out some ripples in bloggyland.

A good *snicker* at the expense of my church.

I'm posting this guide to packing efficiently for my own benefit. And really, if George Clooney calls for dinner, I'll go buy the extra outfit. :)

How about a good nap? Know how to get the most out of your sleep schedule.

My print out and dig into for this week: The New Learning That Failed.


DebD said...

Thanks for the links. I enjoyed both the one on naps and how to read online

TwoSquareMeals said...

That video was a riot! It had me and both of my sisters-in-law laughing ourselves off the couch last night.

Kerry said...

Yes, I thought it was VERY funny, too. (Especially being Anglican!)