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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

YUM-O! A new book to help the family cook!

What a great idea - a cookbook designed for families to use together! Of course, with a title like "YUM-O" - you know it has to be Rachel Ray!

Some features are:
  • A sidebar with each recipe with ideas for how “The Itty-Bitties” can help (by beating eggs, squeezing spinach dry, mixing dry ingredients etc.);
  • A section devoted to “rollover dinners” which allow you to cook once and eat twice (or more) with some quick variations;
  • Other sections devoted to breakfasts and lunches and snacks.
Sounds great doesn't it? Want your own? Well, you can order via this link:

or go to 5 Minutes for Mom and enter the contest to WIN a copy! The contest is part of their "Creative Summer Days" going on June 10-18th. Go check out the fun!