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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Frugality links - and THANK YOU!

I've got a few links on frugal living to share with you, but first I want to say "THANKS" to:

Jessica (a fellow Anglican, who just had twins and has a lovely blog),
Annie (who I suspect is Anglican or atleast really loves the Church Year and has an adorable family of 6),
Emily (who has great photos of her garden and is also an Anglican...and lives in two states, but not at the same time!), and
Anne (an Anglican, clergy and clergy-spouse - and blogs about her family, church, and good food).

These ladies shared some great leads on frugal websites and resources. (The polls aren't closed - if you've got some good resources, please share!)

I'm sorry I didn't get back to this subject sooner, but we had some crazy moments in the past week. My MIL had to cancel a much anticipated trip to Sweden with our eldest son (12) (she was born there and was taking him to visit relatives he's never met) when it was discovered that she has hydrocephalitis. We've been on the phone quite a bit and making plans to get her condition taken care of, so not much time for blogging. (FYI - she is just out of surgery to place a shunt, hubby is with her right now)

Anyway - as I perused the sites you dear ladies suggested, I also found some others:

Frugal Mom, Frugal Living

Hillbilly Housewife

Fractured Frugal Friends

Each of these sites has lots of ideas, resources, and other links. I'll post more as I find them...and any ideas I decide to try out! In fact I have one I'd like to post, but I think I'll save that for another post. :)