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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Peter Piper's Picks - June 8th

From the UK's DailyMail (and HT: Mere Comments): Can modern technology change our brains? What are the implications for the future?

Are you an amateur educator? I am, and proud of it. So is Dana. But the question she's really tackling is whether or not we have the right to be amateur educators.

Here's a nifty little gadget for those of us who are verbally-inclined.

Oh, and photos to let yourself get distracted by. I think she is a Finnish traveler in France.


Dana said...

Did you see the article in Stanford's magazine about a Stanford professor researching how our online identity affects our real identities? Disturbing stuff...and they say television doesn't affect you.

Kerry said...

No, I didn't. I'd love to read that - if you have a link, do share!

Dana said...

Oops. I meant to leave the link. Here it is:

Stanford StoryBank

It starts getting really interesting about half way through if I remember correctly. :)