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Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekly Reporter: June 16th-20th

Our summer schedule had some bumps and jostles the past couple of weeks, so we are finding ourselves "punting" quite a bit. (MiL had unexpected surgery which meant no trip with eldest son and hubby spent a week at her house helping her. Then I had a 3-day, all day class - which was planned, but harder on our family than expected.) So, after two weeks of "just trying to get by" we are slowly getting back on track.

We are planning on taking all of July off, but I do have some work to do the next couple of weeks with my eldest - mostly Math. And there are some lessons I want to do with the kids that I'll keep doing even when we are "off" (mostly art).

This we accomplished:
  • The first lesson of our art appreciation unit;
  • A Saxon math placement test (to see what the eldest son needs to work on before we move him up to 8/7 next year);
  • Eldest son tried his hand at making a cheesecake;
  • Youngest daughter spent lots of time drawing pictures of Jesus, her feet, flowers, etc.;
  • We went on a nice long nature walk;
  • Built a few forts;
  • Eldest son finished reading "War of the Worlds" and then we watched the movie (I enjoyed the movie's message about technology, humanity, and fatherhood, but be warned there is some cursing - and some of the imagery might be disturbing to some children.)
  • Middle son has started the read-aloud "Gentle Ben" with his Dad.
How was your homeschool or summer school week?