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Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Day of Homeschool

Wednesday was our first day of homeschool for 2009-2010!

I wasn't all together ready for the first day, but if I didn't start on the 5th I might have found reasons to wait until September. My goal is to get our school work in before the end of April 2010, so that we can enjoy the outdoors before the heat of summer hits us.

I managed to get our school cabinet all cleaned out and re-organized. Didn't take a "before" photo (why don't I think of it until after?).

So, our first day . . .

We started by going outside to pick figs from our fig tree. Seemed like an appropriate way to start this year for some reason! I don't have our daily schedule all hammered out, yet. Instead I've posted a routine using post-it notes that I can shift around as needed while we see what works for us this year. I've already made some changes in just the past two days!

The kids enjoyed looking over their new books, some of the books that still needed to be finished from last year, and decorating some old pencils. I know, decorating pencils? I don't get it either, but they had fun.

While it was a little bit of a low-key start, we didn't miss our traditional ice cream dinner (followed by dinner for dessert).

Yes, some of us opted for milkshakes.

Have you started school yet? Or when is your first day? Anything special planned?

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Amanda said...

Love the post-it idea for establishing what really works before putting it in ink.

We will start Aug. 19, a Wed., so we can ease into having a structure. In the meantime, one more lake trip!

MomCO3 said...

Ooo... post-its. Great idea.
I don't actually have a start date picked yet... Probably Sept 2. Or maybe August 25... apparently it's still on a post-it note. I hope this year I remember to take a photo.

Anonymous said...

Love the post-it note idea. I have printed off so many schedules just to change them and have to reprint. I may even have a different colored post it for each child. HMmmmmm We are starting an abbreviated schedule next week and CC starts on Aug 24. Thanks for taking the time to share with us all!