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Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints' Day

Too tired to blog, so here are some links . . .

Updated to add a HT to my bloggy friend Jessica at Homemaking Through the Church Year for the first link below.

Susanne Dietze at Tea and a Good Book has a lovely post on All Saints. I hope you'll stop by and enjoy the whole thing. Here is a snippet:

"But these capital “S” folks aren’t the only ones invited to the All Saint’s party. We are too, and it’s an interesting perspective to realize that we live among saints, present and future (as we do future non-saints). As C.S. Lewis put it, each person we encounter is immortal and heading toward one of two eternal destinations. If that statement doesn't shake you into trying to woo others heavenward, I don't know what does."

John Mark Reynolds blogs at The Scriptorium: "Never Alone: All Saints Day":

There is hope, because someone, some hundreds of thousands probably, have faced worse and gone one to victory. God’s grace is sufficient and the ever growing band of victorious Christians is to His glory and honor. We never are alone in our struggle, because millions of brothers and sisters are done with their labor and wait for us to join them.

What are we doing for All Saints'? Well, the girls and I stayed home (Baby L was wiped out and so was DD7) while boys are off at church. I'm roasting the pumpkin seeds right now. We will meet hubby and boys at Trader Joe's after church and then we are headed to Costco to stock up on supplies. Home for naps and the football game. I might get adventurous and make pumpkin puree today (to later turn into pumpkin pies). I have 4 mini pumpkins that did not get cut or painted, so they are just perfect for pie-making!

Welcome to November!

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Amy said...

Excellent post! I'll be dealing with my pie pumpkins today too.