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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Crochet Decoration for Christmas

Don't forget about the Carnival! If you are planning on submitting, would you drop me an email or leave a comment?

Would you like a simple project to work on during Advent? How about a crochet project that won't take any time to whip out? How about a crochet star chain for your Christmas tree? I'm reprinting the directions here because they are buried in a long post, but that post is filled with great Advent ideas, so do go check out the original post - and photos, don't miss those - at O Night Divine.

Make a loop for the hook. Chain 6 loops and form a ring with a slip stitch. Make 2 single crochets in the ring. Chain 5 loops. Repeat the "2 single crochets--chain 5 loops" steps four more times. This makes 5 parts of the star around the center ring. Join the last chain loop to the first single crochet with a slip stitch.

Then make a chain 7 inches long. Count back 6 loops from the hook and push the hook through the loop. Form a ring. Work another 5 part star around the ring.

Continue making chains and stars until the chain is at least several feetlong. Drape it on the branches of your tree. The spiders will be envious. But your friends needn't be--you can give them some as presents.

How delicate and old-fashioned would these pretty little things look? Doesn't that look easy? I'll let you know how mine goes!