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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Peter Piper's Picks: Nov 21st

::This is why knowing history is so important to our understanding of biblical truth (and studying the Greek). Of Belts and Breastplates from Mere Comments. This gave me a much better understand of the Belt of Truth!

::Brandy has compiled a phenomenal booklist based on a couple CiRCE conference talks. Some really great books!

::A winsomely worded reminder about our lives' priorities - blogging (and blog reading) in particular - from Mrs Anna T at Domestic Felicity.

::8 great family gift ideas from Heart of the Matter

::And a great holiday funny from Fail blog. (Do you know Fail blog? I enjoy it, but you do have to use some discretion here. At the top of the blog is a link to see only G-rate matieral.) Only this time it is a WIN: Holiday Lighting Win.