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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Change, Quiet Blog and Advent Carnival

Wow - I missed my Monday Daybook entry here and my Meal Plan at the food blog...and at the adoption blog things haven't been updated in weeks...what's up? Change that's what.

I was reviewing the change our family has experienced in the past year or so - wow, we are like in a mode of uber-change. Let's see... church split and left the Episcopal Church starting a new church under the Anglican Archbishop of West Africa; hubby started working from home full-time; decided on adoption and began the process; began a new missionary support corporation; best-friends and neighbors moved away; and (time to spill the beans) my parents are getting a divorce (after 40 years - very long and sad story). (That is where I was this past weekend - divorce is final and parents sold the house, so I was helping Mom look for a new place. She found a nice one!)

We are also seriously contemplating a change in adoption country (which would include a transracial adoption)...and we are looking at moving ourselves. The move is something we almost did about 2 years ago and then decided to set aside for the time being. Now, with our neighbors gone, there is really no reason to continue to stay here when we REALLY want something different (more space - outside the house not in) - and have for a few years.

So, with all that blogging is going to be taking a backseat for a while. Now, Advent is right around the corner and last year we had a very successful Advent Carnival - I'd like to do it again. My goal is to let the blog go quiet for the next few weeks as we work around the house and I gather interested parties for the carnival and then get back to active blogging when Advent begins.

Keep checking in - I'll have a post or two about the carnival shortly. I hope all my blogging friends will participate! Subscribe by email or RSS (see below) so you won't miss that!

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Jessica said...

well, you're on my RSS feed-reader, so I'll be awaiting your Advent return!

And, I couldn't read your post without offering a (virtual) hug. I haven't had your experience, of course, but I empathize with your year of upheaval. May God go with you, comforting, strengthening, growing and encouraging you, through all these changes

DebD said...

So sorry about your parents, that must be incredibly difficult for everyone.

Prayers for you as you quietly reflect during this decision making time.

TwoSquareMeals said...

I'm so sorry about your parents. My prayers are with you as you walk through that and through all of the upcoming changes. Praying God gives you peace about your decisions and the perfect place to live.

Definitely plan on my participating in the Advent carnival...unless the baby come REALLY early. Let's hope not.

Emily said...

Thanks for the update! I'm so sorry about your parents. It must be so difficult. But it sounds like you are being a loving & kind daughter.

Enjoy these next few blog-free weeks and see you in Advent. :-)

Ranee said...

I am sorry to hear about your parents. My parents divorced when I was 3 1/2 and it still has an effect on me. Rich's parents can't decide whether they are divorcing or working it out, and that has its own set of trouble.

I can also empathize with the church situation. Our priest (with his family, of course) announced that he was leaving our church in June, and we basically had a count down from then to August. We have been without a priest since then, a chaplain has filled in for us. Fortunately, we will have a permanent priest as of 1 Advent.

My husband's work has been going through a lot of changes, too. I don't mean to turn this into something about me. I just think this is a year of winnowing for all people, especially believers.

Brittney said...

{{{{Kerry}}}} I am sorry to hear about your parents.

I am looking forward to reading more about the Advent Carnival. I must admit that the season has completely snuck up on me! I hope we will be able to find a body of believers to worship with!

:0) A fellow Anglican, Brittney