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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Jangley - that is a new word a made up to describe how I felt yesterday. To describe it further, it feels like I am a little jingle ball that someone has just taken hold of and shaken like crazy - I'm JANGLEY. It's just been that way lately - good and not-so-good reasons.

I'll give you a quick run down, because, honestly I do't have the energy for more than that. *sigh*.
  • helping hubbie with his new business (a ministry, really to offer financial/donation reporting support to missionaries)
  • getting used to Jr High work with eldest son
  • working on our Women's Retreat (can't wait!!)
  • preparing for our neighbors and dear friends to move (not far, but another part of town) - while we are SO EXCITED for them, it is a major change in the way our days look. I'm so used to slipping over for a little "gab" or when I need an ingredient. LOL!
  • taping a cable TV show on educational choices (group conversation on homeschooling)
  • looking at a potential new home - a late 1950's ranch on some acreage (lots of updates have been done, but some were not great and need to be re-addressed - original fixtures in bathrooms). I hope we get this place just so I can show you some really interesting wall treatments. *heh*
  • a number of issues in my extended family - (I'm not ready to talk about all this on the blog yet - it isn't entirely my story to tell and I don't feel it is right to share about that while we are all still in the middle of it)
  • a major change in the direction of our adoption - we are still in the preliminary stage of this change, but I will share all the details when we make the final decision.
  • and I'm planning on traveling this weekend to give some assistance in the family situation.

I came home from a good, but long day at Classical Conversations (a bunch of us went out for ice cream afterwards) and just felt "jangley". I was just tired and overwhelmed by it all. Sweet hubby let me hide out in bed the rest of the evening. Feeling better now. I'll try to fill in some details soon...

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Emily said...

I think I understand... it sounds like you have a lot going on. Life *is* overwhelming sometimes.

I hope you can refresh & refuel this weekend. Take care of yourself.