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Monday, October 13, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook - October 13th

For today, October 13th, 2008:

Outside my Window... sunny and cool - a really lovely fall day. Temp right now (at 10:30 is 68F.)

I am thinking... about whether or not I want to start school - and if so when. Hubby has the day off, but is working on some work for his new business/ministry this morning. It sure feels nice just "hanging out" for a day.

From the learning rooms... this week we are learning about (among other things) George Washington and the Digestive System - not together, of course.

I am thankful for... my husband. He is a really good and kind husband who always takes care of me and plays with his kids.

From the kitchen... I'm trying out a new menu plan this week all based on a Sunday Roast (all the meals using the leftovers). Come on over and check it out!

I am wearing... still in my pjs: flannel pj pants and a tank top with a lime green hoodie to keep me warm this morning.

I am reading... The Family Cloister and Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid and Real Food Revival.

I am hoping... for some inspiration as I work on a logo this afternoon for hubby's business/ministry.

I am creating... (and no, I still haven't done the American Art lesson plans) not much right now - just trying to get the "must do" stuff done.

I am hearing... my dog's collar jingling as she rolls around playing with her ball.

Around the house... I have a lot of clean laundry piled up from our major wash session last Monday (not to mention the dirty clothes that accumulated while I was washing linens, pillows, etc). I sure hope I can get those put away today and tomorrow. Heck, it is about time to change out my clothes anyway, so maybe I'll do that at the same time. (I pack up off-season clothes.)

One of my favorite things... my new den floor plan. We've done something totally different and it is so comfortable and cozy! Maybe that will be my picture this week...

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...

  • Tuesday night I've got a work meeting for our Women's Retreat.

  • Wednesday is taping for the "Raising An Amazing Generation" show (INSP network) about homeschooling.

  • Mom is coming for a weekend visit! And we might go apple picking!

  • I have a coupon and a gift card to use at Chico's, so I think Mom and I will spend an afternoon shopping while she's here.
Here is a photo thought I'm sharing:
Our couch used to be against the right-side wall and the the shelves weren't in this room at all. I like having them in here because we do school in the kitchen and this room (our family room). We have a homeschool cabinet in the kitchen, but it only has our daily books and supplies. The books on these shelves are ones we need here and there during the week. Previously they were in another room, so I had to gather them up each day we needed them. Now they are right at hand!

I also like how the couch turned in gives this room a very cozy feel. You can see that I still have to move that picture to the right of the TV armoire.

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Kaber said...

I think George Washington and the digestive system might go well together...LOL

My husband has the day off as well, so my kids are just reading and doing math and we will go to the beach after lunch.
The couch/shelves look good like that

Anonymous said...

Nice and cozy living room.

Thanks for sharing your daybook!

Lisa said...

I like to have all our books close at hand as well. I get too distracted if I have to go look for something during school time, and I'm not always prepared enough to have it ready ahead of time. Nice solution!

Gwendolyn said...

De-lurking to say...I want my husband to build me some bookshelves like yours, to go behind my couch. I have been thinking about this for a while, and now I'm not the only one to do this! We have books everywhere. :o)

At A Hen's Pace said...

I love having all my homeschool books in one room, too! Well, all the non-fiction...we have fiction all over the house.;)

Your family rooms looks efficient and very comfortable at the same time!