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Monday, October 6, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook - Oct 6th, 2008

For today, October 6th, 2008:

Outside my Window... Oh, my another busy, busy, busy Monday that started much later than I'd hoped (ie. I slept in). The day is almost gone and it has been such a doozy, I think we are getting take-out mexican for dinner. We NEVER eat out, so that is a big deal! So, outside my window I see the light fading fast over grass that is finally turning a deep emerald green after the dry brown of summer.

I am thinking... about my dear neighbors moving and how to make it a bit easier on my kids. Our friends are already spending lots of time at their new home (while they are having various work done - carpets, painters, repairs, etc), so it feels a little like they've already moved, but without the official send off. I think the uncertainty of "are they here or there" has been hard on the kids. They aren't moving far away (really just minutes), so once the "dust settles", figuratively and literally, and the kids are able to visit their friends' new home it will be easier.

From the learning rooms... my middle boy has become quite taken with the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary Way. He has been working on a play to act out all that! Today, he and his sister worked on costumes (very un-authentic, but cute) and the basic flow of the play. Later this week we will make punched tin lanterns for the "One if by Land, Two if by Sea" (or is it the other way around - good thing I'm not Paul Revere).

I am thankful for... an amazing series of emails that bounced around among some local ladies this week talking very frankly about right to life issues. There were pro-choice and pro-life sides taken...and some of the pro-life women shared very honestly and profoundly about their personal experiences with abortion and the guilt and remorse they were left with (one of these women was pregnant after a rape and still regretted her decision). I was so proud of my sisters sharing this way and for those courageous enough to share their experiences.

From the kitchen... I had planned a lovely meal for tonight, but the days' events have left me exhausted and with much more work ahead of me this evening. I'm so thankful for a hubby who understands that tonight is a night for takeout! I'm hoping to get some Cinnamon-Raisin Bread in the oven. OH! And last week a friend at Classical Conversations shared some sourdough starter with me, so I'll be giving that a try this week! Can't wait, hubby and I LOVE sourdough!

I am wearing... One of my most favorite outfits - red canvas shirt, blue jeans, hair up in a twist.

I am reading... The Family Cloister and Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid and Real Food Revival.

I am hoping... for a very relaxing evening and a perfect cup of Trader Joe's Orange Spice Rooibos Herbal Tea.

I am creating... I never completed that American Art lesson plan. Hopefully this week. (Maybe that should have been my "I'm hoping"?)

I am hearing... Eldest son playing "Tanks", daughter "reading" aloud in the other room, dryer chugging along with the 6th or 7th of many, many loads of laundry today.

Around the house... Another day of de-lousing. I'm not sure if we missed some nits and they hatched or what, but we are at it again. This time it seems limited mostly to my daughter, but I'm treating everyone and washing all the bedding again. Lord Help ME! :)

One of my favorite things... my new laundry detergent: Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Scent - oh, it smells SO GOOD. It is all-natural and super concentrated. I thought is was much more expensive than standard brands, but I get about the same number of washes for the same price as Tide or All. I'm still considering making my own, but I've got to find a geranium scent (or lavender).

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
  • My Dad's birthday is Thursday, so I need to get some goodies in the mail to him.

  • Tuesday night I have a Women's Retreat meeting.

  • Friday night some girlfriends from church are getting together for dinner. We've been trying to schedule this since the summer!

Here is a photo thought I'm sharing:
This is our beloved and very goofy Sophia (she is a 2 year old BIG labradoodle we rescued from a shelter). This picture obviously is distorted and makes her nose look huge, but it does express her personality: perky eyes, curious nose, and her always moving mouth.

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Brittney said...

Hi Kerry...I found your blog via Carr Homeschool. I noticed in a comment you mentioned "hoping your new building will look like yours"...or something along those lines. Being the curious person I am, I had to have a link for the common cause partnership. We, too, lost our building two years ago when our parish broke free. We have been meeting in a school cafeteria since then. Anyhow, it's just nice to "meet" others who are "wondering the desert" too.

PS...I should say, our "old" church (TN)...we have since moved (CA) and have yet to find one...ugh!

And...sorry about posting this in a comment. I didn't know how to get a hold of you any other way. :o)

Brittney...a fellow Anglican!

DebD said...

Oh man, you're still de-lousing?? Ack! I hope you are through with that quite seen.

I enjoyed your Daybook.

Activities Coordinator said...

1. We never eat out either.
2. I slept in today (Tuesday).
3. I have my "Moms In Mind" group tonight.
4. My daughter is reading and my younger son is saving (blowing up?)the world.
5. I hate lice.

Parallel universe?