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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Peter Piper's Picks: Oct. 5th

I tend to avoid discussion politics on this blog as there are so many other blogs who do a much better job than I would, but I do enjoy reading some of those blogs. Since politics and culture are much on my mind, I thought I'd share some of the things I've recently been reading or watching.

A very interesting essay on the youth culture: "McAncient vs Barackavelli". My age of 38 certainly doesn't qualify for "old" to many people, but as I get older I realize the importance of appreciating the experience of previous generations.

At church last weekend, we were discussing Abortion and Euthanasia issues and this year's election. One issue that was discussed was that abortion has paved the way for euthanasia. In the past abortion seemed to be thought of as a last resort sort of thing, but now it is available for the most minor of reasons. Euthanasia may go the same way. Currently, many think of it as a last resort for the very ill, but it may also become an acceptable way to deal with inconveniences. Both these have serious implications for the direction of our culture. It seems so Orwellian, but it doesn't take much searching to see the connections between Huxley's "Brave New World" and the modern world. I was shocked to read some of the opinions expressed in this article, those being that giving birth to downs syndrome children and/or having a large family is "immoral". Really, immoral?

Classical Feminism vs. Contemporary Feminism: another example of the importance of knowing your history and looking to the wisdom of a prior generation. This is a long article. You might like to print it out - if so there is a link to a .pdf at the bottom of the article. Here's an excerpt:

Today's feminist establishment in the United States is dominated by the radical wing of the egalitarian tradition. Not only do its members not cooperate with their conservative sisters, but they also often denigrate and vilify them; indeed they have all but eliminated them from the history of American feminism. Revisionist history is never a pretty sight. But feminist revisionists are destructive in special ways. They seek to obliterate not only feminist history but the femininity that made it a success. (...) Take back feminism. Restore its lost history. Make the movement attractive once again to the silent majority of American women who really do not want to be liberated from their womanhood. And then take on the cause of the women who have yet to find the liberty that Western women have won for themselves and that all women everywhere deserve.

Apparently, Camille Paglia gets this distinction and she thinks Sarah Palin is a good model for classic feminism. This is probably one of the very FEW things I agree with Ms. Paglia about.

Ok, that was a whole lot of how about something fun. Make your own REAL ICED COFFEE. But watch out the article warns that is it highly caffeinated!

Have a Blessed Feast of St. Francis! Give your pets extra goodies today!

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Lori said...

our Anglican Fortnight is a lot of fun!:) We always have it around the time of The Blessing of the Animals. The women of the church always have such good ideas!:) This is our 4th year. We always do Pub Night at one parishioner's house and sing pub songs and eat pub food. They get $15 a head!!! The grand Finale is $20 a head plus they do a silent auction and show. Great fun....

Our church I guess is still officially Episcopal but we call ourselves Anglican. The bishop calls himself Anglican but as far as I understand we are still part of ECUSA. I get so confused!:) But I love our church building and I hope we never have to give it up. It is even more beautiful inside! I will take more pictures sometime and post them.

mom_at_home said...

Hi! I clicked over from LOTP and thoroughly enjoyed your posts. I love,love,love the artwork you've included with so many. Do you have a particular place to get these? I can't find anything so lovely that's not copyrighted. I'd appreciate a link in the right direction.