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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Peter Piper Picks - October 11th

Are you trying to be more careful with your pennies? Apparently, ditching your credit cards will help you do that - it's psychology....we spend less when we use cash than credit cards, per purchase. Oh, my...I guess my hubby is right. :) Geez - don't tell him! HT: Why Homeschool

I'm trying to learn to use a whole chicken economically, which means getting as many meals out of it as I can! Here is an article by Jamie Oliver with some ideas and more in the comments. Are you interested in reading my ideas and experiments with various recipes? Come on over to my food blog: To Every Meal There Is a Season. I'll share some recipes as I try them.

An interesting bit of research: the gold used in medieval stained-glass windows actually helped purify the air! HT: First Things blog

My bloggy-friend, Deb at Deb on the Run has a great and easy idea for making icons for your home. Buying the real things can be expensive - definitely cost-prohibitive for me, but she's taken simple paper icons and mounted them on inexpensive wooden board. I think these could even be done on very sturdy cardboard or matte board. Great idea, Deb!

Again - not a political blogger, but with the campaign season in absolutely fever-pitch, here's a very useful link: . It is supposed to be non-partisan - because even facts can be "spun" by partisan fact-checkers.

Many of you might already read Shannon's blog, Rock in My Dryer, but I just had to post this for any who might have missed it. She's got a very funny, "Open Letter to Yankees Regarding the Use of Y'all." All y'all need to head on over and read it!

Have a lovely Saturday!

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