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Thursday, March 6, 2008

A few odds and ends...

You may have noticed my posting has slowed down over the last week. It may get even slower. Don't abandon reading "Ye Ol' Ten O'Clock Scholar", though! I'll be back to "full steam" after Easter.

This past week the blogging has slowed down because I've been crocheting up a storm (for me): one helmet liner (photo coming!), three hats, and starting a "Pidge" (I'll share about that when I'm done, but it is sort of like a scarf).

And I finally finished a book I've been trudging through and I'm hoping to review it on the blog Saturday. And just life in general has been picking up steam a bit. All good stuff!

And now, we are in the last couple of weeks of Lent. I've put myself out there offering to host a children's stations of the cross, so I've got to get cranking on that!! (I've invited my Classical Conversations group, church, two local homeschool eloops, and some other friends ---WHAT AM I THINKING??) Seriously, I am looking forward to it, but I have a great deal of work to get done in preparation...and not too much time left. Which means, less blogging of course. If anyone is interested, I'll try to post what my plans are for that (and the resources I'm using) so that you might offer the same thing to your family (and maybe some friends).

Tomorrow is a field trip day - off to tour a local theatre (maybe even a peek backstage!), then in the evening a few friends from church are getting our families together. The men will grill out while the ladies make invitations for an upcoming women's social event (a "Twilight Garden Party"). But somewhere in there, I hope to get my Weekly Homeschool Report done.

Have a fabulous Friday, friends!


DebD said...

Sounds like life is good and busy. The children's station of the cross sounds quite interesting. I hope it works out and is meaningful for them.