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Monday, March 17, 2008

We are home!

Thank you for all your good wishes and prayers for our "get-away" weekend. It was really relaxing and wonderful!

I wonder if you'd like to play a game and see who can guess where we went? I'm going to post the photos from our trip and the first commentor with the correct city and state will be the winner (and there is even be a prize in it for you - a real one!).

Ready to play? Ok, here's the first photo:

This is the inn. It is right on the main street - in fact it is on Main Street. You can't tell from here, but it has a distinctly Irish flair...and not just for St. Patrick's Day.

And here is the view from the porch. See that stately church just across the street? I believe that is a "St. James". Unfortunately, we are no longer members of that denomination, so we opted for a bit more distant church on Sunday morning.

And here is that church in a town about 20 minutes away. It is an "All Saints' Anglican" - Anglican Province in America. Very lovely church and sweet parishioners. They were such an encouragement to us! The APA did what we are now doing (seperating from the Episcopal Church) many years ago, so it is good to see a church further down the same road.

On our drive home we saw this odd sight - a Sod Farm: "Super Sod". This just struck us as quite funny. I know they grow sod somewhere, but you just never think of it being farmed.

Lunch after at the Black Rose Pub - Fish and Chips while watching the UNC-Clemson game. (The pig is my daughter's. She asked us to take him so we'd remember her while we where gone. We decided to include him in some of our photos.

Now, for the last photos - you might be able to figure it out from these. First, it is a house on the National Register of Historic Places.

And the name:

Need some other hints? This town is nestled in the oldest mountains in the US. It is also located quite close to Carl Sandburg's historic home. And finally, it is a short drive from the largest private residence in the US.

Got a guess, yet?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry!

That Inn is in Hendersonville, NC. We stayed there once....lots of fun! Glad you had a good trip!
Blessings, Kate Mc.(See you tomorrow!)

Sorry I don't know how to choose an identity yet...I'm not really anonymous!

Bronwen said...

I am assuming that sod in the States hasn't got the same meaning as in england!!! :)
So glad you had a relaxing break away.

Kerry - A Ten O'Clock Scholar said...

Kate Mc. - YOU WIN! I'll bring you your goody tomorrow. Whew - you saved me some postage! :)

Bronwen - you assume correctly! HAHAHA - that is just funny!