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Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Friday - Way of the Cross photos

Here are the promised photos from the Way of the Cross.

This is the entrance. The branches at the bottom of the cross are thorny blackberry canes. The little basket to the left holds the last station (the Resurrection) for the children to take home for Easter morning.

I did end up making two seperate booklets - one for younger kids and one for older kids.

Here are some of my favorite stations:

1st station - the thorns

3rd station - falling on the road

8th station - Christ dies; extinguishing the light of Christ.

9th station - the tomb

And some of the families:


Amy said...

I love the intimate setting. I'm sure it blessed all who came!

steitzfitness said...

How beautiful Kerry! What made you think to do this? How did you let families know? Looks great! I am sure the families were blessed!


Kerry - A Ten O'Clock Scholar said...

Renee - I'm not sure how this came to me. As I was planning for Lent, I thought about doing something on Good Friday for my own kids. There are a number of "Way of the Cross" books for children...and the station easily lend themselves to "hands-on". And that just led to doing this for my church family and homeschool friends.

With my pastor's approval, I announced it to my church via email (we have a church email list) and in Sunday bulletins. I emailed a number of friends and then put it out on two local homeschool eLoops. We had nearly 20 families who visited us!

It was such a meaningful day that I'm already planning for next year!

Bronwen said...

Kery, those photos are inspiring... showing the depth of thought of each little group... how blessed they all were that you took the time to prepare such a special event!
I would be most interested in more detail and resources if you find the time!

Bronwen said...

Oops I mispelt you're name Kerry!A slip of the finger... Sorry :)

Laura said...

I'm impressed - this was really well done. Great idea. I need to remember this for when our kids are a little older.

Really, well done.

At A Hen's Pace said...


I'm so behind on blog-reading...but am glad I caught these pictures! Our little church plant already bought icons and held its first Stations of the Cross service this year, so we'll probably always be involved in that--but it is so neat to see the way God gifts creativity to those who ask for it! Bless you for your faithfulness in creating this for your children, and for sharing it with others.