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Friday, March 14, 2008

Homeschool Weekly Reporters: March 10-14

Still trying to decide what to do after Classical Conversations ends. I've picked up a couple of resources and I have some general thoughts, but if anyone has some ideas, I'd love ot hear them!

Here's what we've been doing in our homeschool this week:

Family Prayer - This week has been very hit or miss with Morning / Evening prayer. The time change is making getting up early very hard for Mom and Dad. :) The resources we use are Anne Kitch's The Anglican Family Prayer Book and Vos' The Child's Story Bible. Next week is Holy Week, so we'll be getting back on track for that.


DD 6 - Singapore "Early Bird" 2B: learning about addition.

DS 8 - We finished his Singapore 1B. I STILL haven't decided what math curriculum to do next, but I do need to work on his math facts with him. Stopped by our homeschool used curriculum store and picked up a nice set of number family addition flash cards. I'm going to work with these and our Countdown game for a few weeks and get these facts cemented.

Does anyone have any suggestions for fun ways to teach the fact families? He's got +1s, +2s, about the others? I love how Math-U-See does this, but I don't own the DVDs, yet. Got another resource (online would be great)?

DS 11 - Still clicking along with Saxon 7/6 and the DIVE CD. He's really quite good at Math, but sometimes makes careless mistakes. We are up to Lesson 29 now.


DD 6 - "Get Ready for the Code" C: She is almost sounding out words eventhough we've not even begun to do vowel sounds. This week we finished up letter "L" and started "G".

DS 8 -Handwriting Without Tears "Cursive" - He completes about 2 lines of practice each day - that is it. No MadLibs this week. We tried another lesson of "Simply Grammar", but we've decided that he really is beyoned these very introductory lessons. So, I'll save this for DD6. I've picked up a very simple workbook from McGraw-Hill: "Grammar Practice Book" for Grade 1. We'll work on this through the summer.

DS 11 - Classical Conversations "Essentials" Grammar and Writing: He did a great job working on his story critique paper - almost entirely independently! This from the kid who HATED writing of any sort back in August and was very anxious about the Essentials class. He's now started his final paper for Essentials - a creative writing assignment. He did the keyword outline for two paragraphs today. Picked up "Editor in Chief - B1". We'll start this after Classical ends.

Finished "Sherlock Holmes" - LOVED it. Not sure what I'll have him start next. I use the Ambleside Online booklists. Here are my choices: Animal Farm (we've been talking about Communism a lot in history), "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry", "Number the Stars", and "The Endless Steppe". Any votes on these? I think I'm leaning toward "Animal Farm", but I'm not sure.

Family Studies

Christian Studies - Again, nothing specific this week.

Modern - We accidentally read ahead last week, so nothing new this week.

Science - Started "Egg protectors" in Classical Conversations. You know I feel like I've been slacking on science, but my kids are such experimentors that I don't feel too much is needed here. They've been busily making a "pond" out in the side yard, which has taken planning and work. I'm thrilled to see them working so hard and as a team to do this. What more science do they need?!?!

Friday: Today was supposed to be a field trip, but we are rescheduling. Instead we are going to look at "Airsoft" supplies. The boys had their first experience playing with Airsoft this week and loved it. Dh and I are not so convinced, but we are letting them look into it.

Individual Studies

Literature -

DD6 - read "How the Finch Got Her Colors"

DS 8 - 1/2 chapter of "The Hobbit"

DS 11 - missed reading our Shakespeare this week.

Modern -

DS 11 - read "Democracy in China?" and"Communism Crumbles" from Story of the World 4.

Classics -

DD 6 - read 2 Aesop stories

DS 8 - missed reading his Norse Myths this week

DS 11 - read from D'Aulaire's Greek Myths: Perseus and the Gorgon

Classical Conversations

All: reviewed week 21 and introduced week 22 (Bible, Math facts, English Grammar, Geography, History sentence, President memory work, Science sentence)


DD 6 - Ballet class; lots of drawing; made up a play

DS 8 - Made up a story and draw illustrations for a "wordless" book; PE; worked on "pond"

DS 11 - PE; Drama class; worked on "pond"