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Monday, March 17, 2008

Way of the Cross for Children - devotions

Here are the devotions I'm using for the Good Friday "Way of the Cross for Children". I've pulled most of these from two rersources: The Story of the Cross: The Stations of the Cross for Childrenby Mary Joslin and Stations of the Cross for Children by Rita Coleman. I hesitated posting this because I did pull so much from their books, so please if you use this, only do so for your family (and consider purchasing the books).

Station 1- Jesus is condemned (Matt 27:11-16)
Jesus stands before Pilate. He is bruised and bleeding from the beatings. They have made him wear a crown of thorns. Pilate wants to please the people, so he orders that Jesus be crucified.

Oh, poor Jesus, how can they do this to you? How can you be so calm and quiet when they spread false stories about you?

Dear God, Keep me from anger and spite. Help me to love and forgive. Help me to follow Jesus.

Station 2 – Jesus takes up the cross (Matthew 27:24-31)
Now the soldiers make Jesus carry a big, heavy cross through the streets. The cross looks so big and heavy and Jesus looks so tired and weak.

Each one of us has our cross to carry; we each have our problems, big and small.

Dear God, When I feel alone, and troubles weigh me down like a heavy load, help me to know that I am walking with Jesus.

Station 3 – Jesus Falls (Isaiah 53: 1-4)
Oh, no! The cross is too heavy for Jesus—he has fallen to the ground. Look how the people taunt him! But look! He is getting back on his feet and continuing on his way.

Dear God, I try to follow Jesus, but sometimes I fail and fall. May I know in my heart that Jesus is always with me.

Station 4 – Simon of Cyrene carries the cross (Luke 23:26)
The soldiers notice that Jesus is too exhausted to go on, so they force a man called Simon to help Jesus to carry the cross.

Dear God, Thank you for those whom we do not know who help us with their greater strength when we are in need.

Station 5 – Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem (Luke 23:26-31)
The women of Jerusalem are crying for Jesus. They love him very much. As he passes them, Jesus speaks to them, even though he is very tired and weak. He asks them not to cry for him and they seem to be comforted by his words.

Dear God, When the world is unkind and people are unfair, we weep with you; you weep for us.

Station 6 – Jesus is stripped of his clothes (John 19:23-24)
The soldiers now roughly take even the clothes from Jesus. They gamble among themselves to decide who would have his tunic. He is left with nothing.

Dear God, Help me not to worry about the things that people may take from me, but rather to seek to live in the way you want, to live in your kingdom.

Station 7 – Jesus is nailed to the cross (Luke 23:33)
Oh, the agony Jesus is in as the soldiers nail his hands and feet to the big, heavy cross. It is hard to look at the pain on Jesus. Face. But, still he asks his father in heaven to forgive the soldiers. He is compassionate and forgiving to the end.

Dear God, Teach me to love and forgive even when others hurt me. When I see violent people get their way, help me to continue to live peacefully.

Station 8 – Jesus dies (Luke 23:43-49)
After three long hours on the cross, poor Jesus dies. Darkness falls over the land, even though it is only three o’clock in the afternoon. The earth quakes and everyone is frightened. Has the end of the world come? Jesus has died.

Dear God, There is no end to Jesus’ love. He died to save me. I do not deserve all this love and yet I know that you will always love me.

Station 9 – Jesus is laid in the tomb (Matt 15:57-66)
After Jesus died, a kind man called Joseph offers a tomb to Mary for the body of Jesus. With great love and sadness, his body is wrapped in a clean cloth and laid in the tomb. His tomb is in a small garden. A big stone is rolled to block the entrance of the tomb. A soldier is ordered to stand guard over the tomb in case someone tries to steal the body of Jesus.

Dear God, When we are very sad and we have too many hours to sit and weep, be with us.

In the past couple of days a few families with older children (middle school age) have signed up, so I am going to provide them with a slightly different set of devotionals. If I have time before Thusday, I will post that set of devotionals, too.


Amy said...

The Stations look like they will be very meaningful. I'm going to look into these books for next year.

TwoSquareMeals said...

I've been using the Joslin book with Calvin and really enjoyed its simplicity.