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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Peter Piper's Picks - New Year's Edition

Happy New Year to you! Here are some articles that have been good reading as I contemplate a new calendar year.

:-: The first one isn't really a year-related one, but certainly points to come critical questions the Church needs to be asking itself in the near future: What a typical Christian is like today.

:-: Dave Berry is always good for a chuckle and a chortle and sometimes a good guffaw. Enjoy his 2009 Year in Review.

:-: An essay from a new edition of Winston Churchill's Thoughts and Adventures, "Fifty Years Hence". From First Principles: More than seventy-five years after it was written, “Fifty Years Hence” has now come due, and the reader is drawn to it as a kind of acid test of Churchill’s relevance. The essay is prescient, but his real wisdom lies not in the foreknowledge of accidents but in the knowledge of natures. In the course of his predictions, Churchill offers something more impressive: a diagnosis of the predicament of modern man.

:-: Top Food Stories of 2009 from NPR. The one that interested me the most is the Honorable Mention: Pimento Cheese, It's a Southern Thing. Oh, yes it is!