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Monday, January 11, 2010

Daybook - Monday, January 11th

outside my window . . . another frigid, icy day.

in the kitchen . . . I've not yet made my meal plan for the week, so I don't know!  Pizza tonight, though.

around the house . . . we are starting our household purge in order to get ready to put the house on the market.  This weekend I went through my bathroom drawers and cabinets and found enough junk to fill a large kitchen trash bag. Now we are on to the books.  Oh my, we have so many.

from our studies . . . this week we are continuing our history and geography studies on Africa.  I made a PowerPoint presentation to take to CC this week to share our photos from Ghana.  I think the two middle kids will do a presentation on adinkra symbols.

thinking about . . . Liberty and how the Great Books give the mind liberty to think clearly without centuries of muddling.


listening to. . . Bably L starting to make some "come get me up" noises.

thankful for. . . Auntie Beth in the nursery at church yesterday.  Baby L was able to go in with her (she knows Auntie Beth) and was pretty happy.  I got to go to church and sit through the WHOLE service...I even got to listen to the sermon!

pondering the words . . . "People are not won by arguments, but by the fire of our faith" - awkwardly paraphrased from Fr. George Calciu via Fredericka Matthews-Green.

reading . . . Started "On the Incarnation" by St. Athanasius.  It is, as you might expect, fantastic...but not nearly as hard to read as you might think.  If you have access to some of the Church Fathers' writings (see Christian Classics Ethereal Library for lots of them online), you shouldn't be daunted by their age!

creating . . . more space (through our household purge).  It is so freeing!


to foster rhythm and beauty . . . Christmas is now put away.  This week we are going to starting forcing daffodil bulbs for St. David's day (March 1).

to live the liturgy . . .  today we are going to talk about Baptism (after yesterday's sermon and readings on Jesus' Baptism).  We'll pull out and light the kids' Baptism candles.

to educate faithfully . . .  some days (like today) we get a late start, the trick is not letting that late start entirely derail our day.  There is a balance between allowing the kids to sleep in when they need it and have a slow start and working hard to stay on top of our work.


one of my favorite things . . . watching Baby L "bump" down the stairs with her siblings.  It is her favorite way to get down the stairs (and is the only way she can).

milestones in the past week . . . Baby L went into the church nursery and did pretty well.  Even though I forgot her pacifier!

a few plans for the upcoming week . . . Monday - school and a bit of work for me;  Wednesday - I have an informational meeting about "Daughters of the Holy Cross", a lay service ministry; Thursday - middle son has a best friends' birthday party; Friday - eldest son goes off to YouthQuake (a youth retreat).

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