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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peter Piper's Picks: Jan 30th - Daughter's Birthday Edition

Today is my dear middle daughter's 8th birthday.  Last year her birthday was a bit overshadowed by our impending departure to Ghana and my own baby shower for Baby L.  This year it seems a winter storm is going to keep us from some of our celebration plans.  So, I'm doing my best to make her day as special as possible.

So, this Peter Piper's Picks is dedicated to my sweet, creative, blanket-loving daughter!

Because Little E (hubby is Big E) is lovely, I'm sharing a Living Lives of Loveliness Fair at Among Lovely Things.  You'll enjoy some ideas for infusing the blah days of winter with a bit of loveliness.

She loves to take photos (got a camera for Christmas so she would stop hogging mine!). Some amazing photos to enjoy today from National Geographic's annual contest.  (you can download some for wallpapers, too!)

Little E (and the rest of my family) loves to chide me about my addiction to "Starschmucks", as my hubby calls it.

Since she's been homeschooled since birth (my only one so far who has not been in an institutional school setting), I'm including a link to a new-to-me page of great homeschooling inspiration and information: Best Homeschool.  (It is so good, I'm adding it to my Homeschool links in my sidebar!)

Ok, and she is really hard to say "no" to.  She's got a really good "aren't I too cute to say no to?" face.  But this post titled "8 Ways to say NO" is really gonna help me!

Happy Birthday, Lady Bug!