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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Anticlimactic Adoption Moments

So, I seemed pretty excited yesterday, didn't I? I a way, but in another way I wasn't. Really I was more just relieved. Because I was quite wiped out from our week at VBS and then a concluding pool party (all of which was wonderful - our best VBS ever), I was assuming that my lack of enthusiasm was from that...but while talking with my neighbor (an adoptive mother)today, I realized that, in fact, it was just the nature of the adoption process.

Things are pretty anticlimactic in this adoption deal. All the stress and activity that goes into producing some piece of paper that is just one small stone (albeit an inportant one) in the pyramid that is the adoption process, well, it is quite anticlimactic. Maybe a better analogy would be hurdles - it is hard to get REALLY excited by the hurdles when your eye is on the finish line. You accomplish a hurdle and you MUST continue on to make the next one. Not much time for celebrating while in the race.

And so, we are on to the next hurdle...

Every day our Junebug gets a little closer to us.