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Friday, August 22, 2008

What we are using this year...

The Heart of the Matter Meme for today is "What are you using this year?" Boy, is this a common question among homeschoolers! We love to share ideas, gather impressions, and swap information.

So, here is what we are using this year. My kids are in 1st, 3rd/4th and 7th:


(1) Singapore 1A,B - slowly
(3/4) Singapore 2A, B - a bit more quickly in the hopes of moving on to 3A,B
(7) Saxon 8/7

Language Arts:
(1) Explode the Code 1 and 2 (with the supplemental "1/2" books as needed); Bob Books; Copy Work; Narration
(3/4) Explode the Code 3 (with supplemental "1/2" book) - possibly ETC 4 if needed; Scholastic and DK Readers; Handwriting Without Tears Cursive; Copy Work; Narration
(7) IEW's Bible-Based Writing; Editor in Chief; Papers on Newberry Literature

Bible, Saints, and Seasons:
(All) Childrens Story Bible; Rings, Kings and Butterflies
(7) The Case for Christ for Kids

Grammar Level

1st Grader: The Jungle Books(and selections from an Ambleside-based "Free Reading" list)
3rd/4th Grader: Tanglewood Tales, A Wonder Book (and readings from my "Free Reading list);
Both: Daily poetry from The Oxford Book of Children's Verse in America, The Story Of Dr. Doolittle, The Wind in the Willows and some other selections from my "Free Reading" list

(for both 1st and 3rd/4th graders) Classical Conversations - Cycle 3; selected poems and scripture from The Harp and Laurel Wreath

Modern Studies:
CC Cycle 3 (US History and Geography); God's World News (Taking Off and Early Times); National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our Fifty States'>

CC - Cycle 3: 1st Semester (Anatomy) - Blood and Guts; The Usborne Internet-Linked Complete Book of the Human Body / 2nd Semester (Chemistry) - Adventures With Atoms and Molecules , The Periodic Table: Elements with Style

Classical Studies:
D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths, Famous Men of Greece

Foreign Language:
Tutor taught (so no curriculum, yet)


Newberry Literature (Magician's Nephew, Bronze Bow, Number the Stars, Amos Fortune, Door in the Wall, Secret Garden, Carry On Mr Bowditch )

Classical Conversations - Challenge A (World Geography); Compact Atlas of the World

Challenge A (Natural Science): Nature Sketchbook, Biology Lab Sheets

Clear Reasoning:
It Couldn't Just Happen: Fascinating Facts About God's World, Don't Check Your Brains at the Door: A Book of Christian Evidences

Black Ships Before Troy, The Wanderings of Odysseus

Latin's Not So Tough 3 & 4

Plants Grown Up; Drama classes (in community)

Fine Arts (All)

Art Appreciation:
CC Cycle 3 (American Artists) - Discovering Great Artists: Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles of the Great Masters (Bright Ideas for Learning); National Gallery of Art Educational packages/videos: American Painting pkg, "American Art 1785-1946" video, "American Art" video, Early Modernism 1900-1940 pkg, Art Since 1950 pkg, "20th C Am. Art" video

Studio Art:
The Young Artist's Handbook, Drawing Textbook

CC Cycle 3 (Great Composers); Minute Sketches of the Great Composersor History's 100 Greatest Composers, Story of the Orchestra; Charlotte Symphony "Children's Concert Series"

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