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Friday, August 22, 2008

School is Back in Session!

This week was our first week of school!

There are so many reaons that this wasn't the ideal week to start school:

  • Eldest son left on Thursday for a 10-day trip to Sweden (more on that later)

  • MIL was in town (she is traveling with him)

  • I'm not totally finished with year's plan - I know *what* I'm doing, but not necessarily *when* or *how*.

  • One kid is sick...and I might be right behind her.

One thing I've learned the past 5 years we've been doing this is that my perfectionism can really get in the way. In the past, I'd have wanted to wait until I had everything perfectly planned out (even if that plan didn't last 2 months) and everyone was totally ready to start on a full schedule. But, usually it is just best to START, even if it is at "half-power". So, that is what we did - and it went pretty well!

We just did the basics: math and language arts, but we DID it! And eldest son had his first day of Challenge A (with Classical Conversations), so he only had a little prep work to do for that. By the time we get up to "full speed", we'll be ready to start back to Classical with the younger two. (Their CC classes don't start until Sept. 3.)

When is your first day?

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Emily said...

I hear ya about the perfectionism... but we are waiting until the day after Labor Day. I'm just weird that way. :-)

Kerry said...

You aren't weird at all! I HATE starting before Labor Day - it just doesn't seem right...which is probably why I am enjoying this slow start up to our school year.

DebD said...

There are have been many years when my first week was similar to yours. But, we started and that's what counts. We started this week with science and history (thought we'd do some fun stuff first).

I hope you stay health. Its no fun to just get going when you have to take a 2-5 day sick bread. :(

Renee said...

Hope you didn't end up sick!! And would love to hear about your son's trip to Sweden!!!

tomorrow is your bday! Hope you have a wonderful, special day! Thanks for the inspiration on so many levels;)


Renee said...

Ok, and I totally forgot to say that we are starting back after Labor Day here too. Our Governor (bless her liberal heart) here in MI passed a law about starting after Labor Day for families to have a full summer. It just helps because I don't have to fight the neighbor children at the door. Also, it gives me a deadline, which apparently, I REALLY REALLY need to function;)
More blessings;)