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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Peter Piper's Picks: Aug 9th

This week's Picks have a decidedly Olympic theme. Enjoy!

Plan your Olympic viewing schedule. We are setting up our DVR today so we won't miss our favorite events.

Olympic Logos from 1896-2012.

Wow - some fantastic Chinese architecture for the Olympics.

Western Classical music grows in popularity in China.

This isn't exactly relating to the Olympics, but I think you'll understand why I picked it to go with this theme...13 words not found in the English Language.

And my own travel journal from my 2007 trip to China. When I grabbed this link, I realized I'd never finished blogging about the final days in Guangzhou - that's too bad, because we had a great time there. (all these journal entries are pulled from our emails home...and in Guangzhou, we just didn't have the time to email and it was much more expensive)

The following are not Olympics related, but they are both timely, so I'm posting them today...

Fantastic photos of the total solar eclipse that occurred on August 1st across the very northern areas of Canada, Greenland, Northern Europe, Russia and China.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has passed away this week and his Harvard address from 1978 has been republished on the 'net quite a bit.

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DebD said...

That Olympic coverage organizer was very helpful. Thanks!