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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Homeschooling Tips and Tricks - 2 Tips for planners

I have two tips to make up for being a day late!

My first tip is using a highlighter to mark off completed assignments on my planner. I started doing this last year instead of scratching them off with pen or pencil. I wanted to be able to show hubby what we'd accomplished and found it was too hard for him to read through the scratched out marks.

The side benefit (which has become the main benefit to me) is that it encourages me to pay more attention to what we HAVE done rather than what we haven't done each week. :)

See for yourself:

(Obviously taken early in the week!)

The second tip is for those of us with a few or more students. I really like to keep all my planning on one main page. (My older student gets his own planner page with more detail as needed.) But this can be confusing or messy for a number of reasons.

So, to keep my planner fairly neat and orderly, I use colored dots to indicate which assignments apply to which children. Eldest gets a red dot, middle gets a blue dot, youngest gets a green dot. Now, I can put all their Math assignments in one block each day!

Here is a close up:


Julie said...

I do this too! Isn't it funny how such a simple thing can be such a help and improvement? I apply this to other aspects as well, such as highlighting the meals I have prepared during the week in my menu planning notebook. Really helps to quickly see which meal choices we have left for the week and also to look back and see what all we have eaten in the past few months. I had fun visiting your blog. Have a great week. Julie