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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A little weekend reading

Because I seem to be stumbling across some interesting tidbits today, I thought I might as well just put them all into one post for your ease and mine! So, here you are...

* Interested in teaching your children (or just introducing them to) Mandarin? There is a new program coming to Nickelodeon to do just that! Here's more information.

* Christians in a coutnry I have a fondness for are facing some very difficult days. When my husband and I visited Turkey in 1995, we found people very open and kind. Even out in the coutnryside they were eager to be hospitable and gracious.

My favorite memory was stopping at a gas station in a remote area to clean off our dusty windshield and being treated like honored guests. We were whisked inside to sit with the owner and sip tea, while someone else cleaned our entire car. The owner spoke no English (and we spoke no Turkish other than a few polite phrases), so our conversations was, literally, a listing of American actors they knew and hubby and I nodding and smiling in agreement. It went something like this:
"Nick Nolte" (said more like "Neek Noltuh")
"Yes, Nick Nolte" (giggles all around)
Keep the Turkish people in your prayers.

* And in Anglican news - this is really big news. BabyBlue Online has the scoop on the most recent development on the property disputes in Virginia. The State Attorney General has stepped in and said according to constitutional law "...the Episcopal Church is simply wrong."


DebD said...

Lord have mercy! I have read bits and pieces about what is happening to the Christian community in Turkey, but not all. Thanks for sharing the link.

Also, prayers continue for the Episcopal & American Anglican churches.