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Monday, January 28, 2008

Menu Plan Jan 24-30

My menu plan dates are odd because we receive a shipment of fresh, local produce on Thursdays. I am trying to plan my menu based on locally-available, seasonal produce and pantry or freezer items.

Another week of delicious, organic, mostly local, home-delivered produce! We are really enjoying the variety and the quality. So, would you like to see what we got? Here you go:

Right up front there are some huge Yukon Gold potatoes. Those orange things in the back there are grapefruit (quite huge themselves) so that gives you an idea of how large the potatoes are. In the middle, is a lovely head of Romaine lettuce. Then you see a few Roma tomatoes and a few bananas. And at the far left, a large bowl of super-juicy and crisp Braeburn apples.

So, what are we doing with all this? We've made salads out of the lettuce and tomatoes, munched on the apples (are still waiting for the bananas to turn yellow - no gassing to artifically ripen), and enjoyed grapefruit for breakfast. I used half of the potatoes in a delicious garlic mashed potato dish. I'll use the other half later this week.
Here's my menu plan from last Thursday through this upcoming Wednesday:

Turkey Meatloaf, Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes (if you use this recipe - be sure to salt the water, the recipe doesn't call for it, but all potatoes need salted water!), salad

Homemade Pizza

Church "Supper Club", I served the main dish (Baked Ziti with Ground Turkey) and everyone else brought the sides
Church Potluck (brought a pan of the ziti)

And there was just enough left over to eat again tonight with a nice "boule" of bread.

Baked Chicken, and clean out the fridge for sides

It is my daughter's 6th birthday, so she has requested a "Chinese" dinner. We'll pick up some fried rice and lo mein from a local Chinese restaurant, then make dumplings from the freezer. (Costco carries a brand we love!) A 6-year old loving Chinese may sound odd, but since I went to China last spring (to help my Dear Neighborbring home her new daughter), we've all been quite into Chinese food!


Amy said...

Your menus always look so yummy!

My kids grew up on unusual foods too. I love to cook and try new things. The dinner request tonight from the girls was a Thai feast - labor intensive but worth it.