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Monday, January 14, 2008

Menu Plan - Jan. 10th - 16th

We receive a delivery of produce on Thursdays, so our meal plan does not run Monday- Sunday, but Thursday to Wednesday. We are doing our best to plan seasonal meals with local produce in an effort to eat more healthily, support local agriculture, and do our part to reduce fuel use.

Our first box of organic produce arrived Thursday! Lovely, lovely produce. Not all of it local, but that is understandable this time of year. This week, I'll choose as many items that keep to our "seasonal" meal plan...and hopefully are also locally produced.

Here's our meal plan:

Broccoli-Rice casserole, baked chicken with rosemary

Homemade Pizza (with bottled olives, roasted peppers, pepperocini and fresh mushrooms)

Treated to a Mexican feast by our weekend guests

Potluck at church

We had so much left over food, we had to have a Clean out the Fridge night. See:

Turkey-Barley soup (you can find the recipe here), with Rustic Rosemary bread

Second night of Turkey-Barley soup, with Rustic Rosemary bread.