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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Matt Kennedy asks a good question

Can Orthodox Anglicanism Emerge from Disarray?

And of course the comments on StandFirm are every bit as intersting as the article, so read those, too.

One way, possibly, to think of this strategy is to imagine a kingdom overrun by her enemies and its throne usurped by a pretender. In such a situation some provinces would necessarily break ties with the kingdom and seek to regroup, restructure, and prepare for re-invasion. Other leaders and entities would remain within the overrun kingdom for the express purpose of resistance and, ultimately, overthrow. Ideally, both the resistance on the inside and the new kingdom externally would support one another toward the common goal of defeating the invader and restoring the kingdom.

Perhaps it goes with out saying, but Matt, of course, has an excellent grasp of the matter at hand and does a great job distilling the many issues and positions.