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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Meal Plan for Dec 30th - Jan 5th

Whew! We are a bit over-stuffed and ready for a change of pace. I'm still keeping us on a seasonal meal plan (using this book as a resource and inspiration) as a way to keep food fresh and inexpensive. I also try to keep our grocery purchases as local as possible.

Since we homeschool and my husband works from home a couple days a week, I plan for all three meals. Here is our plan for this week:

French Toast
"Make Your Own" (ie. leftovers, sandwiches, whatever you can scrounge)
Church Potluck

Fried eggs and toast
"Make Your Own"
Spaghetti & Turkey meatballs (for kids; adults were treated to a Thai Feast courtesy of Gram!)

"Make Your Own"
Hoppin' John, Spinach & malt vinegar, corn bread

Eggs and toast
Fried Mozzerella sticks, fruit
"Clean out the Fridge"

Cream of Wheat
Chicken Nuggets, veggies and dip
Twice Baked Potatoes, salad

Eggs and toast
Corn Dogs
"Homemade" Pizza (I purchase the dough for the crust from a local pizza joint -a large for $1.50, then I throw, top and bake it myself at home.)

Waffles and sausage
Daddy's Night To Cook


At A Hen's Pace said...

"Make Your Own"--we serve that a lot here too!



The Estrogen Files said...

I'm trolling for next week. Tomorrow is grocery day. Thanks for the ideas!